About Us

Centre for Accessibility in Built Environment Foundation (CABE Foundation) is a Section 8 Company registered under the Indian Companies Act 2013, working to promote an equal society for all and is headquartered in New Delhi, India.   

CABE was established on 01 April 2016 as an advocacy, research, consultancy and capacity building organisation to further the object of promoting diversity inclusion through accessibility and universal design in the built environment, transportation systems, community infrastructure, information and communication technologies (ICT) etc. It became a Foundation in January 2020. 

CABE Foundation advocates an enabling, equitable and inclusive environment for all by undertaking Capacity Building Programs on different thematic areas for better implementation of disability legislations and policies, for a wide range of stakeholders especially government organisations, industry bodies, corporates, social development organisations, educational institutions, professional associations etc.  

The Foundation has been actively assisting the Department of Empowerment of Persons with Disabilities (DEPwD), Govt. of India, different state governments and other relevant stakeholders in better implementation of the 'Accessible India Campaign' and in the creation of more inclusive and accessible environment for persons with disabilities. 

The leadership of CABE Foundation had been empaneled by the DEPwD as 'training provider to train Access Auditors' under Accesssible India Campaign vide its Letter No. 4-8/ 2015-AIC dated 19 Jan 2017. 

Now, the CABE Foundation has been empaneled as an 'Access Auditor' by the DEPwD vide its Office Memorandum No. B-16007/3/2023-SIPDA dated 24 Feb 2024 for a period of five years (Valid from 24 February 2024 to 23 February 2029). 

Five Pillars of CABE Foundation's work:

1) Policy & Standards Formulation; 
2) Capacity Building & Awareness Raising; 
3) Promotion of Universal Design through Access Audits, Gap Analysis & Design Appraisals to enhance inclusivity 
4) Advocacy & Litigation on Disability Rights, & Diversity Inclusion 
5) Monitoring & Impact Evaluation Studies of Development Projects.

CABE Foundation conducts Access Audits of Built Environment (including buildings and built environments, community spaces, tourism & heritage sites,  transport infrastructure, workplaces of diverse nature, public services etc.); undertakes and supports research programs; engages in standards formulation,  policy reform; raisees awareness on human rights and diversity inclusion and builds on the knowledge base on diversity inclusion and equal opportunity policies.

The Foundation is focusing on disability inclusion in education, health, employment, travel and tourism, mobility for all, liveable habitat, smart cities, in the spirit to implement UNCRPD and making cities more inclusive in the context of the UN SDGs #11, the UN Habitat III New Urban Agenda.

CABE Foundation also offers Consultancy Services in the areas of accessibility audits cum gap studies, diversity inclusion at workplace, educational institutions,  universal design, disability rights and legislation, inclusive education, reservation in jobs and higher education, project formulation and management of developmental projects.

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