Friday, January 12, 2024

Empowering the Legal Fraternity: Insights from the Delhi Judicial Academy's Core Competence Conference

New Delhi,  12 Jan 2024

The Delhi Judicial Academy (DJA) recently organized a groundbreaking event, the 'Core Competence Conference for Knowledge, Skill & Perspective Development,' specifically tailored for Metropolitan Magistrates (N.I. Act). Held on January 12, 2024, this conference aimed at enhancing the capabilities of judicial officials and fostering a deeper understanding of crucial legal aspects.

Key Speakers and Topics:

Mr. TD Dhariyal seen on the stage with Dr. Aditi Chaudhary, Director DJA along with other Mr. Rakesh Kumar Singh, ADJ. The background has slide deck detailing the session.
Sh. TD Dhariyal, Dr. Aditi Chaudhary (centre),
Sh. Rakesh Kumar Singh & leadership of DJA
The highlight of the event was the address by Shri TD Dhariyal, the Executive Director of CABE Foundation, who delved into the significant subject of  "Protecting Constitutional & Legal Rights." His focus was on ensuring Access to Justice for Individuals with Disabilities, shedding light on both visible and invisible disabilities, court infrastructure, challenges, and viable solutions. Mr. Rakesh Kumar Singh, Additional District Judge (ADJ), North-West, Rohini, added valuable insights by discussing procedural issues, including territorial jurisdiction, limitation, complaints involving juristic persons, serving the substance of accusations, conversion of summary trials to summons, and digital recording of evidence.

Wide Participation and Impact:

With over 150 judicial officials in attendance, the conference provided a platform for an extensive exchange of ideas and knowledge. The insights shared by the speakers are expected to have a lasting impact on the judicial officers undergoing training, enabling them to better address the needs of persons with disabilities.

Enhancing Accessibility:

A core theme of the conference was the commitment to making court processes more disabled-friendly and accessible. The knowledge imparted during the event is anticipated to empower judicial professionals to ensure reasonable accommodation for persons with disabilities, be it as a litigant, accused, witness, or legal professional on any side of the bar.


By addressing crucial issues surrounding access to justice for persons with disabilities, the 'Core Competence Conference' has taken a significant step towards creating a more inclusive and equitable legal system. As judicial officers apply these insights in their respective roles, we can hope for positive changes that enhance the overall effectiveness of our legal processes.

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