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2-day in-person Capsule Course on "National Building Code 2016 - Accessibility in Buildings & Built Environment" held on 24-25 July 2023 at NITS Noida, India (with Post Event updates)

Dear A11y Enthusiasts,

Bureau of Indian Standards, the National Standards body of the country responsible for formulating Indian Standards in the various fields of science and engineering, has introduced CAPSULE COURSES on various standards/special publications of national importance.  These short training courses have been devised with the objective to train our aspiring professionals on the essence of various provisions covered in such standards/special publications for ensuring orderly development, accessibility, sustainability, health, safety and environment protection as well as to resolve their queries/concerns relating to the interpretation and implementation of provisions of these standards/special publications.  These Courses are also targeted to help professionals in acquiring state-of-the-art knowledge in that particular field which would boost their confidence and help them to deliver their services in a better and efficient manner.

One such course has been devised on National Building Code of India 2016 (NBC 2016), the model code which covers all aspects of planning, design, construction and operation and maintenance of buildings and is used by urban local bodies and various authorities involved in building regulation and building permission activities, in framing their regulations. The course on NBC 2016 has several modules covering various aspects covered in the Code such as:-

1. Accessibility in Buildings and Built Environment;
2. Fire and Life Safety; 
3. Structural Design; 
4. Soil and Foundation Engineering;
5. Air Conditioning, Heating and Mechanical Ventilation; and
6. Plumbing Services. 

Government of India has launched Accessible India Campaign (Sugamya Bharat Abhiyan) as a nation-wide Campaign for achieving universal accessibility for Persons with Disabilities (PwDs). It has three important verticals, namely, the Built Environment, the Transportation Sector and the ICT Ecosystem.  An accessible building and built environment is one, where persons with disabilities face no barrier in entering a building and using all the facilities therein and encompasses steps and ramps, corridors, entry gates, emergency exits, parking as well as indoor and outdoor facilities including lighting, signages, alarm systems and toilets. An accessible physical environment not just benefits persons with disabilities, it benefits everyone including the elderly and the children.  Thus, for creating an inclusive environment, it is particularly important to take measures to eliminate obstacles and barriers to indoor and outdoor facilities including schools, medical facilities, and workplaces as well as all public spaces such as roads, footpaths, parks and gardens. 

Further, under Accessible India Campaign, a large number of public builidngs were / are being audited to convert them in to fully accessible buildings. Private sector builidngs coming within the definition of 'Public Buildings" as per the RPWD Act 2016 are also being audited and retrofitted by private establishments and Green projects are designed to be 'born accessible' ensuring full accessibility based on universal design from the planning stage itself.  

Capsule Course on NBC 2016 – Accessibility in Buildings and Built Environment
In order to enable the professionals and officials involved in land development and building construction to contribute towards effectively meeting the targets of Accessible India Campaign and requirements laid down in Persons with Disabilities Rules, 2017, one of these modules of NBC 2016 has been designed to cover the subject of  'Accessibility in Buildings and Built Environment' . 

The first two-day Capsule Course on National Building Code of India 2016 - Accessibility in Buildings and Built Environment is scheduled to be held on 24-25 July 2023 at National Institute of Training for Standardization (NITS), Noida, the state-of-the art training arm of BIS.  

CABE Foundation is happy to contribute to this capsule course along with senior faculty members from the BIS. You are invited to attend this Course scheduled to be held as per the details hereinbelow:

Who should attend?
Professionals and officials involved in land development and building construction whether in ULBs or Development Agencies or Private Players. All those concerned with city planning, building regulation, and planning, design, construction and maintenance of buildings and built assets and facilities.   The course will also benefit those interested in accessibilty in buildings and surveying the usability of the building for persons with disabilities and other diverse usergroups from the perspective of Universal Design or carrying out retrofitting in existing buildngs to make them accessible.  It will also help DEI professional, consultants to ensure that built environment meets the needs of diverse usergroups at the workplaces.

Course Schedule & Duration
The Course is of 2 days duration scheduled during 24 -25 July, 2023.

Venue:     National Institute of Training for Standardization (NITS)
       A 20-21, Institutional Area, Sector 62, NOIDA-201301(UP), India 
                 Tel : +91-120-4670238, Email - nits@bis.gov.in

Course Fee :  INR 1,500/- only for the 2-day Course* (*Plus applicable GST). 

Hostel Facilities: The hostel facilities can be availed, if needed at NITS, Noida on chargeable basis which includes Breakfast & Dinner.

How to Apply?

1. Online Portal: Application has to be made through BIS Training Portal www.manakonline.in, as explained below, latest by 21 July 2023.:- 
    • VISIT the E-BIS Website: www.manakonline.in
    • CLICK on the "Training" Head
    • LOGIN by clicking on the blue "LOGIN" button on the top right corner
    • SIGNUP by clicking on "SIGNUP" on the Member Login Page if you are not a member otherwise "SIGN IN" using your credentials
    • FILL OUT all the fields and click on "REGISTER" and complete the registration process. 
    • CHOOSE the course you want to apply for, fill in the required information and "PAY" the requisite fee.
2. By Email: Alternatively, you can also E-mail the filled up application form to nits@bis.gov.in. latest by 21 July 2023:- (Download the application Form : Word File 38 KB)

Criteria for Selection and Batch Size
  • Selection on First come First serve basis subject to availability of seats
  • Batch size – 40 
Certification: Certificate of participation on completion of the course.

  1. Subhash Chandra Vashishth, Director at CABE Foundation, Specialist- Accessibility, Universal Design & Diversity Inclusion, Accessibility Expert CPABE Level III (IAAP), Member of BIS Technical Committees- CED12, CED59, LITD35, SSD 09:03 etc. & Empaneled Access Audit Trainer (under Accessible India Campaign), Govt. of India, 
  2. Shri T.D. Dhariyal, Former Dy Chief Commissioner for Persons with Disabilities, Govt. of India and Former State Commissioner for Persons with Disabilities. Delhi, Executive Director- CABE Foundation
  3. Ms. Madhurima Madhav, Scientist 'D' & Jt Director (Civil Engg.), Bureau of Indian Standards
Access the Course Brochure below

And the Training Program Module schedule here:

Post Event Updates:

The capsule course saw participation from diverse sectors ranging from private players, government departments, non-government organisation, practicing architects, builders and contractors undertaking accessibility related renovations and projects. CABE Foundation was happy to contribute to this important intiative and there are two more such events are planned which will be shared here a month before the courses.

Here is a tweet from the BIS on the capsule course:

Some pictures from the training:

Group picture of the participants with Faculty at the training
Picture 1. Group photo of the training participants

Mr. TD Dharyal, Executive Director, CABE Foundation taking a session
Picture 2. Sh. TD Dhariyal, Executive Director, CABE Foundation conducting a session

Mr. Subhash Chandra Vashishth, Director, CABE Foundation conducting the training
Picture 3. Mr. Subhash Chandra Vashishth, Director, taking sessions at the capsule course.


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